CLOSES: 17 DEC 2020
DRAWN: 18 DEC 2020


Where is the draw held?
Unless we specify otherwise, the draws are held at 12 noon at our Brisbane office on Level 2, 19 Lang Parade, Milton. An independent witness oversees the draw and everyone is welcome to attend.

During any office closure, the draw will take place remotely using the same database system currently used at the office. The draw will be recorded live for anyone that wishes to view it. A copy can be requested by emailing online@msqld.org.au.

How is the draw done?
We use the Mailman application consisting of the Mersenne Twister Random Number Generator to draw our winners. This was approved by the Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation.


Where can I see the draw results?
There are 5 ways to see the draw results:

  1. The draw results are posted on our website the afternoon of the draw at https://msclub.com.au/previous-winners/
  2. We print the results in the classifieds section of The Australian newspaper on the Tuesday after the draw.
  3. Results are posted on the independent website Raffle Results http://www.raffleresults.com.au/results.html
  4. For most draws, we will also email you the results if you have an email address on our database and have not unsubscribed from any emails previously. We are conscious of the amount of emails we send and may not send the results email if we are already emailing something else to you like the Survey questions etc…
  5. You can always ring us on 1800 060 210 if you can’t find the results elsewhere.

Why don’t you show all your winners?
Many of our winners end up selling the car back to the dealership without even seeing it. Others don’t want their photo shared for privacy reasons. We are very grateful and happy to share the moment a few of our winners pick up their car!

MS Autobuy

What is Autobuy?
Autobuy members are those that have pre-ordered tickets in each draw throughout the year by providing a credit card for future use. At the opening of each draw, we will process your reserved ticket/s using your securely held credit card and will automatically send you your tickets.

How is the Autobuy draw held?
After the main prize draw is complete, we put all the Autobuy tickets numbers in a separate draw and draw 1 winner from this list. It is for this reason that if your credit card has expired and you weren’t allocated a ticket/s, you can’t be in the Autobuy draw. Only actual Autobuy tickets numbers are in the draw.

Why should I join Autobuy?
All tickets sold to Autobuy customers are in a separate draw for the Autobuy prize. This means the incentive to join Autobuy is not only guaranteed tickets but also the amazing odds in the draw. Only Autobuy tickets holders will be in the draw. As an Autobuy member, you will also automatically become a MS Club Draw member and be invited to participate in 2 special draws each year only available for MS Club Draw members.


Trouble purchasing tickets on website?
Sometimes customers have issues ordering tickets online. Quite often we find this is a caching issue on the customer’s web browser. Please ensure that you have cleared your internet browsing history as well as the cookies and cache. You should then be able to move onto the next page to order your tickets online. Alternatively, you can purchase the tickets over the phone Mon-Fri 8:30 – 5:00 by calling 1800 060 210.

Please see the below link for instructions on how to clear your history if using google chrome. If you are using a different browser it will be a similar process.

How can I get my tickets emailed?
If you provide us with an email address and don’t ‘unsubscribe’ to any emails, you will be sent your tickets automatically via email instead of the post

Why don’t you offer free or discounted tickets?
As we limit the number of tickets we sell, we need to allocate a certain number of sales towards prizes and promotion of the draw. We cannot afford to reduce the funds we raise and still have a viable Limited Edition program. Additionally, many customers feel that it is not fair to reduce ticket prices for those that can afford more tickets and therefore we have decided to keep all tickets at the same price for everyone.

MS Club Draw

What is the MS Club Draw?
The MS Club Draw is a special draw held twice a year for MS Club members only. This draw has even better odds and a first prize of around a quarter of a million dollars! You can learn more about our MS Club Draw here

How to I become a MS Club Draw member?
Join MS Club Autobuy. This is the best way to automatically become a MS Club Draw member and be invited to participate in the MS Club Draws.


What is included in the car prize? Registration? Insurance? Servicing?
If you choose to keep the car, the prize includes registration in Queensland. Servicing & Insurance is the responsibility of the winner; however as a special offer to locals when the prize is a Mercedes-Benz, you can get 3 years free standard scheduled servicing from Mercedes-Benz Toowong or Mercedes-Benz Macgregor. The car will need to be collected from Mercedes-Benz Toowong.

Why don’t you just have a certain value prize so that we can just choose our own cars?
Due to the high demand of the special cars we buy, we pre-order these up to a year in advance. We do this so you don’t have to wait such a long time for a vehicle when you win. We will try and have choices throughout the year, such as the colour of the vehicle, to offer some flexibility. Although not guaranteed, you can always negotiate with the car dealership if you wish to trade in your vehicle for something else.

Why can’t we just have the cash instead of prizes?
Up until recently, the law restricted any cash amounts to a value of $10,000. This is now $100,000 and still not enough to replace a vehicle. We pre-order and purchase any vehicles so we can’t offer an alternative if you win because the car exists and is already bought by us. You will see some smaller cash options in future draws now that the Government has lifted the value allowed. Some providers offer a discount to the society for holiday prizes and therefore it would cost us more to offer the cash equivalent and subsequently less money would go to helping people living with MS.

Why don’t you offer vehicles such as Holden, Ford or much lower value cars?
There are many competitor car lotteries running in Queensland and we wish to remain ahead of the pack by aligning ourselves with luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz. We offer much higher value prizes than our competitors and by using the same model each draw, we are able to negotiate a discount on overall cars throughout the year which all helps people living with MS.

What am I going to do with a 2-door/ 4WD/black car/V8 etc…?
Our customers like a variety of vehicles and therefore we try and rotate all the different options. If you win a car that might not be suitable, you can always sell it or trade it in for the exact car you want. It would be a lovely decision to have to make!

Why is the colour of the car I win sometimes different from the photos?
We are only provided with a certain number of photos for each vehicle so we can’t always show the exact colour of the car you might win.


Why do you contact me again if I’ve already bought a ticket?
If we have tickets left over in a draw, we may email of phone customers to see if they want to buy another ticket. Many of our customers do wish to purchase another ticket, especially when it might mean they are then eligible for the multi-ticket prize. All our profits go to helping people living with MS so we will always try and sell out our lotteries to raise as many funds as possible.

What if I don’t want to be called or emailed?
Simply tell our friendly operators on the phone if you do not wish to be called in the future. You can also unsubscribe to our emails if you don’t wish to be emailed. Please remember that this will mean that any tickets or results will also stop being emailed. You can also call us on 1800 060 210 if you wish for us to change your contact preferences at any time. Please allow a few weeks for any changes to take place as we may have already selected your file for contact before you asked us to change it.

If I or a family/friend is betting more than they can afford, what can you do to help?
You can contact us confidentially at hello@msqld.org.au or 1800 060 210 to discuss restrictions in receiving promotional materials from us. You can request a copy of our Responsible Gambling policy as well. There is also helpful information at this website you may wish to read: https://www.gamblinghelponline.org.au/




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